Global Wealth Management:  Our Unique Wealth Generation System

Global wealth management begins with identifying your investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity requirements and customizing an approach that serves both your short and long-term needs.  Our well orchestrated financial management strategy seeks to afford our clients the ability to capitalize on favorable investment opportunities.  Spartan Capital’s unique global relationships, combined with our effective risk management and wealth generation strategies, ensure a comprehensive financial approach for our clients.


The Spartan Capital Wealth Generation System Includes:

  • Managing each client’s financial portfolio with a clear understanding of short and long-term financial objectives, risk tolerance, tax requirements and liquidity needs.
  • Customizing an investment strategy and wealth generation plan to maintain each client’s desired risk level and achieve maximum return.
  • Creating a working relationship with each client’s professional team to develop a wealth management plan for a myriad of investment vehicles as part of a global financial plan.
  • Continuously monitoring each client’s financial plan and investment portfolio, consistently measuring results, making adjustments as required.

Financial planning and wealth management decisions must be fluid, subject to evolution as clients grow older, as children reach adulthood and as circumstances or financial markets change. Clients must always be aware that there are risks inherent to investing, and not all investments are suitable for every investor. Your Financial Consultant can provide you with additional information, including more complete details on investment objectives, as well as the risks, fees, charges and expenses associated with investing.



Investment Management and Tools

As a boutique investment advisory firm, we understand our role as spanning generations.  Spartan Capital’s respected team of Financial Advisors helps our clients to grow assets through portfolio construction and investment diversification, often presenting alternative investments to our clients to ensure long-term growth opportunities and a balanced investment strategy.  Whether planning for retirement, acquiring property or expanding a business, we listen and we understand—every decision requires sound advice to keep your money growing, your risks managed and your tax liability at a minimum.  In addition to expertise identifying and managing equities and fixed income products, Spartan Capital offers to select clients: investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and private equities.